Many purposes – one headset

System Concept

iriComm 3.0 is specially developed and designed for the use of a helicopter rescue swimmer.

Taken into consideration were waterproof for seawater and RX /TX in extreme loud surroundings. During the development a couple of other useful features has been added, and today iriComm 3.0 is a unique multifunctional tool which combine high quality sound with user friendly controls among many feautures.

A rugged waterproof headset with superior sound quality, loud and clear TX up to an impressive 142 dB, built-in LED light with 3 modes, Hear-Trough function ( situational awareness ) and very soon also in a version with ANR ( Active Noise Reduction )

Comes as regular headset for PAX but fits Inside GENTEX Alpha, LD Projects or on the Arc-Rails on Team Wendy and Ops-Core as well.

Helicopter rescue swimmer
TEAM Wendy SAR helmet fitted with iriComm 3.0


Whether you wear GENTEX Alpha or LD projects, iriComm 3.0 fits perfectly inside and is very easy to install. A pilot helmet will always be powered by the internal 28 Volt supply so the optional ANR will be powered from there.

Hoist operator

The hoist operator is constantly communicating with both the pilots and the rescue swimmer, and much time is spent with the head outside the cabin. In this situation an outstanding sound quality is required, as a High Quality Audio will work as a filter for the brain, and RX is much easier to understand.
Many Hoist Operators are using a Throat microphone to avoid the wind noise, but as vowels are produced in the mouth, a throat microphone will never produce the same wideband speech as a ordinary boom microphone.
Depending on operations iriComm 3.0 can be fitted with our standard High Quality Microphone or it can be connected to the original GENTEX boom with either GENTEX original Acousticom or IWCS can fit n even better wind protected microphone.

Rescue Swimmer / DOC

For any Rescue Swimmer iriComm 3.0 is hard to avoid. Especially designed and developed for this purpose, iriComm 3.0 is the perfect choice.
Now a Rescue Swimmer can hear everything communicated in the helicopter, as long as he wear his helmet. Standing on a vessel, the rescue Swimmer would normally take off his helmet being able to speak with the on-board crew ( patients ). Not anymore. iriComm 3.0 has the optional PLUS package where a Hear-Through function is allowing the user to keep wearing his helmet, and now being able to hear the people in fornt of him. While using this feauture the external radio isn’t cut off, but just reduced by 24dB which allow the user to follow the communication in the helicopter without being distracted when talking to on-board crew.


The major issue working in Tactical Operations from helicopters is speaking with the head (microphone) outside the cabin while flying at speeds exceeding 120 knots. There is a big difference between loud noise and wind noise and therefore iriComm 3.0 can be connected to various versions of microphones for optimizing the output according to the use.

GENTEX Alpha SAR helmet fitted with iriComm 3.0
Ops-Core SAR helmet fitted with iriComm 3.0
GENTEX Alpha 900 helmet fitted with iriComm 3.0
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