iriSelect is an intelligent, helm-mounted, Multifunctional PTT and control unit.

iriSelect is a multifunction PTT and control unit, which allows control of external radios, advanced audio routing and segmenting, Diver audio integration etc. With the iriSound 8DP any of the 9 pre-programmed audio grids can be selected at the push of a button on iriSelect.

Key features:

  • Dual front-mounted PTT buttons + side-mounted mode switch button.
  • Multi-color LED indication for each PTT button
  • 7-segment LED display for mode status indication
  • "Radio active" indication (indicates which radio has incoming transmissions)
  • Switching between pre-defined operating modes (audio segmenting / talk groups)
  • Adaptive Voice Activity Detection - AVAD
  • Powered from iriSound
  • Error indications
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