Quick Guide - 22

Problem Cause Action
Headset will not start up
(Wireless versions only)
Battery level too low
Charge battery
Headset will not start up
(Wired versions only)
Radio battery low

Appliance Power Missing

Cable defect
Charge Battery

Look up appliance Manual

Send for repair
Headset will not Pair
(Wireless versions only)
Pairing failure
Perform a Master Reset
”Device Connected” fails
(Wireless versions only)
Initialization failure
Turn OFF and Turn ON the headset
TX audio is too low
Microphone is twisted

Windmuff soaked
Turn microphone into right position

Replace windmuf
Excessive noise on TX audio
Windmuff too small

Windmuff damaged
Mount bigger Windmuff

Replace Windmuf
Hear Through is too low or too high
Wrong settings
Adjust volume
Distortion on Hear Through
Windmuff is missing

Volume level too high
Insert new windmuff

Adjust Hear Through Volume
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