Quick Guide - 21: Fault Finding

When an error occurres, error messages will be shown in the Mode display. Flashing between a letter and a number. 

The error indicator will flash either blue or red.

Error indicator flashing BLUE + Mode display flashing number 6 = Bluetooth connection is lost.

Error indicator flashing RED + Mode display flashing letter E = hardware failure (wire connection).

Problem Cause Action
iriSelect does not turn ON
Interface cable not plugged in

Cable defective
Secure correct assembling of iriSelect

Check the rear connector is not twisted

Try another cable

Try another Audio Port on iriSound

iriSelect is defect
Dimmer function is not working
Light sensor covered

iriSelect defect
Remove dirt and clean the surface in front of the light sensor. Do not use chemaicals

Consult your dealer
Keypads not responding
Software malfunction

Mechanical defect
Restart the system

Replace with a new iriSelect
Display wrong characters
iriSelect defect
Consult your dealer
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