On this page you can find examples of how our products are combined into complete solutions meeting the demands of professional users in various situations.


Intercom Solutions

The importance of clear and uninterrupted communication can not be underestimated. In many cases it is what separates success from failure. Weather conditions, surrounding noise, distance to co-workers – all factors potentially making clear communication difficult or impossible.
The iriSound system combines your existing VHF/UHF radios with a State-Of–The-Art, waterproof intercom system enabling clear and trouble-free communication under the most demanding conditions.
iriSound is a highly advanced audio unit that processes all sound signals to and from external units whether they are headsets, external radio units, a loudhailer, iriStore audio recording unit or the iriVision camera documentation system. The built-in intelligence allows for easy plug-and-play installation when used with other Iridium products – like the iriConnect for wireless headset communication.
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Intercom Solutions

iriSound’s rugged, cast aluminum enclosure and the IP67-rated connectors offer a fully waterproof exterior construction designed specifically for the harsh conditions onboard small and medium sized vessels, with freedom to install it either inside or outside. The electronics design is based on the newest 24bit/48kHz Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, which offers unrivaled sound quality and a world of software features like variable audio compression, dynamic noise reduction, user controlled voice groups etc., some of which are offered as additional features.

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Headsets for helicopter rescue swimmers

We are currently developing a revolutionary new headset for helicopter rescue swimmers to address the issues of extreme low-frequency noise and water exposure.

Are you a rescue swimmer, and do you recoqnize these issues ? Contact us to hear more…

External Radios

Being able to hear and respond to external communication via your onboard radios (marine VHF, Tetra System, Police radio etc) is equally important as being able to effortlessly communicate with your fellow crew-members. Our programmable and intelligent radio interface unit enables full audio integration of one or more external radios. All it requires is that the radio unit is equipped with an external audio interface. On request, we can provide a list of recommended marine VHF and Tetra radios. Please consult us if you have a specific radio you would like to interface to.

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radio ineterface
Solutions-fire&Rescue - helmets

Choose headset or helmet

Our intercom solutions support full flexibility to chose the personal audio solution of your choice – an iriComm headset, an iriComm helmet with earcups or a 3rd party helmet using our iriInsert. Each solution can be either wired or wireless.

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Long Range Solutions

For usage scenarios requiring long range coverage we provide a headset/helmet and radio combo solution. This solution is intended for snowmobile users, paragliders, jet-ski riders etc. Operational range is up to 5km, and can be fully handsfree using Voice Operated Transmit (VOX).

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An iriInsert eairpiece and mike, connected to a radio.
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