iriComm 4.0

Advanced. Rugged. Reliable. Crystal-clear audio. Seamless communication. Enhanced safety. Versatile. Cutting-edge technology. User-friendly. Upgrade-worthy.

Intercom Interface

Intuitive. Versatile. Seamless integration. Enhanced control. User-friendly. Customizable. Efficient. Streamlined. Advanced features. Simplified communication.

Active Splitter

Efficient. Reliable. Enhanced connectivity. Split audio signals. Streamlined communication. Versatile. High-performance. User-friendly. Durable. Seamless integration.

Jetski, ATV and UTV

Discover the power of iriBridge, the ultimate communication solution for small vehicles like UTVs, ATVs, and Jet Skis! Stay connected and enhance your communication capabilities with this compact and powerful device. Seamlessly installed on your vehicle, iriBridge empowers you to stay in touch with your team and maintain reliable communication in any terrain or water adventure. Experience uninterrupted communication and enjoy the freedom to explore while staying connected. Upgrade your small vehicle with iriBridge and take your communication to the next level.

Small size vessels

At the base of seamless communication on small-sized vessels lies our flagship intercom solution, iriSound . Designed to meet the unique needs of compact marine environments, iriSound 4 delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. Stay connected with your crew members and maintain crystal-clear audio communication, enhancing coordination and safety onboard. With its rugged construction and user-friendly design, iriSound 4 is the perfect companion for small vessels, ensuring efficient communication and peace of mind during every voyage. Upgrade your communication capabilities and experience the power of iriSound 4 at the heart of your vessel’s communication system.

Mid-size vessels

Unlock superior communication capabilities on your mid-size vessels with our state-of-the-art intercom solution, iriSound 8. Tailor-made for mid-sized marine environments, iriSound  delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. Stay connected with your crew members and seamlessly coordinate operations with crystal-clear audio communication. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, iriSound 8 ensures efficient and effortless communication, enhancing safety and productivity onboard. Whether you’re navigating a luxury yacht or managing a commercial vessel, iriSound 8 provides the ultimate communication solution for mid-size vessels. Upgrade your vessel’s communication system and elevate your onboard experience with iriSound 8. 

First Responders

Equip your first responder vehicles, such as fire trucks, command vehicles, and ambulances, with our cutting-edge intercom system designed to meet the unique communication needs of emergency situations. Our intercom solution ensures seamless and reliable communication among team members, enhancing coordination, response times, and overall effectiveness. With crystal-clear audio quality and advanced features, including noise cancellation and robust connectivity, our intercom system enables efficient communication even in high-noise environments. Stay connected and make critical decisions with confidence during emergency operations. Upgrade your first responder vehicles with our intercom system and experience enhanced communication capabilities that empower your team to save lives and protect communities.

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