Retrofit your GENTEX Alpha helmet with advanced, waterproof Comms.

The GENTEX Alpha helmet is the preferred Aviation helmet for many helicopter pilots and crew around the globe.

With the new iriComm 3.0 headset it is now possible to upgrade your existing helmet with new features like 3D GEL-earpads, Hear-Through function (Situational Awareness), built-in LED light, Active Noise Reduction and of course the IWCS Trademark – being fully WATERPROOF.

iriComm 3.0 is designed with Alpha Helmets in mind, but fits many other helmets as well – marine safety helmets, construction helmets, Ops-Core, Team Wendy etc.

The high-definition sound quality, the innovative ear cup design and the advanced electronics makes iriComm 3.0 the choice of the future for your helmet solution.

The noise cancelling microphone has an impressive max SPL of 120/142 dB, which allows the user to transmit loud and clear even beneath the biggest helicopters.


Optional PLUS Package
The PLUS package is an addition to the basic headset. The functionality of the PLUS package is partly dependent on power from the connected radio, and therefore not available with all radios.

Hear-Through mode
Hear-Through mode makes it possible to have a “local” conversation and hear what is happening around you without removing the helmet/headset. When Hear-Through mode is enabled, sound from the connected radio is attenuated by 24dB. This allows for monitoring radio traffic while engaging in “local” conversation.

3D GEL Ear-pads
To increase the passive noise attenuation of the headset as well as improve the physical fit, IWCS has developed a 3D GEL Ear-pad. The design of the Ear-pad ensures a closer fit against the skull around the ear. This option provides up to an extra 5dB of passive noise attenuation.

High-Bright LED
This feature provides three very useful light modes. Dimmed mode provides sufficient light for reading a map held in your hands without causing too much disturbance of your night vision or the people in your vicinity. High-beam mode lights up the path in front of you, and makes it possible to move around and navigate in total darkness. In Strobe mode the LED continuously emits powerful flashes at a constant frequency helping others locate you in the dark. Even a mile or two away a helicopter without FLIR equipment will be able to easily locate your position.

Easy Installation
iriComm 3.0 is designed for retrofit into Alpha helmets.

The replacement kit comes as a fixed wired solution with the selected interface cable that fits your desired radio.

Simply mount the earcups on the Velcro like any other Alpha earcup, and route the wires to the cable relief attachment in lower rear side of the helmet. If your IriComm 3.0 solution includes the PLUS Package, a mode switch has to be mounted as well.

All wire junctions are securely molded and require no maintenance in connectors etc.

A complete retrofit takes only 10 minutes.

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