Beredskab oest Fire boat being lowered into the water

Beredskab Oest with IWCS gear

Made in Denmark

We are proud to share that Beredskab Oest has expanded their operational fleet with a brand-new Search and Rescue boat. Equally joyous is that it is kitted to the brim with IWCS intercom equipment. They will be able to enjoy full VHF and UHF radio integration, hands-free functionality, and Full duplex communication. This along with the Rugged, waterproof design that IWCS is so well known for.

Beredskab Oest Search and Rescue, located in Gentofte North Zealand, is the division of the Danish fire department responsible for the east coast of the country. Even though Denmark is a small country it has many kilometers (8750 km) of coastline and numerous islands. We have a massive respect for our fire departments and the important jobs that they do, keeping us all safe.

PRO-SAFE is the boat building company that is responsible for this beautiful and powerful new boat on the Beredskab Oest Search and Rescue roster. We have a long lasting and happy relationship with PRO-SAFE, and always marvel at the quality and design of their boat building.

IWCS is a Danish company, proud to develop and build Danish products. This allows us to oversee much of our production chain and be confident in the functionality and operational readiness of our products. Even though we have experience delivering our equipment throughout the world. We are in this case proud to be making, delivering and using our products in our backyard. Supporting the local industries that are so important in guaranteeing a healthy and sustainable growth in industry.

Best wishes

We wish Beredskab Oest Coast Guard a bon voyage on their new boats maiden voyage. We have confidence they are in safe hands. Equally with the quality and performance of the ship delivered, and the flexibility and ruggedness of their intercom system. In these times, where it can be important to stay safe at a distance, we are happy to supply them with the hands free, fully duplex possibilities of our rugged and waterproof intercom solutions. We at IWCS feel ready to enjoy the approaching summer months outdoors, by our beautiful country’s beaches, coves and inlets knowing that Beredskab Oest have our backs. Remember Communication can save lives.

Coast Guard crew smiling with IWCS gear on, while on a boat.

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