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Gear up with IWCS and stay safe

Stay safe at a distance

Are you in need of solutions to keep your production running in this time of crisis? Communicating at a distance, might be the solution.  Equaling the difference between sending people home and keeping operational to weather the storm. IWCS has the technology to help turn this dire situation around. 

Troubled times

Corona Virus is sending a shock wave through our society, and it will be a while before the dust settles. We need to take care of each other in the meantime. With some industries, we cannot afford to allow them to run at diminished capacity for too long. They are too important to the running and protection of our civilization. We need to make sure they are covered for the duration of this crisis, and for whatever future emergencies could turn up.

Three iriComm 3.0 headsets on a demostration table.

Danish made technology

IWCS is a Danish company specializing in intercom setups. Our iriComm 3.0 headset can function Peer-to-Peer without the need of a mixer unit. That means that two headsets can be wirelessly paired to each other to give you safe reliable communication at a distance. Depending on the surroundings, up to 200 meters. This along with the seamless and reliable operation we are known for. IWCS headsets are built for professionals. Waterproof, rugged and tough, and with a sound quality unrivaled in the intercom environment.

How to stay safe

So, from IWCS we would like to advise our current and future customers out there to:

  • If you’re working in noisy conditions, like a factory hall for ex, and need to speak at proximity in order to communicate. Then consider using headsets in order to stay close at a distance.
  • Consider adding extra headsets to your existing setup in order to stop your users from sharing them.
  • If you are an existing user of our headsets, change the wind guard between users. They are very inexpensive and getting ill is not worth it.

We are prepped and ready at IWSC to help you find the right solution. Let’s meet this challenge together, and not let this pandemic cause more pain and suffering than necessary.

Contact us or your local dealer if you have any questions. Stay safe out there and remember Communication can save lives.

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