iriConnect - External Antenna

Digital access point – multiple features

IWCS launched iriConnect some years ago as an access point and audio gateway between a wireless headset and iriSound DSP Audio Mixer, and it still is.

But the brand new iriConnect is much more than that.

The add-on features open up both for simultaneous use but also for new fields e.g. in helicopters, professional diving teams or vessel to vessel communications.

– Vessel To Vessel Connectivity
Some user setups have a “mother vessel” and a small tender/FRV working together. Each of them will have their on-board iriSound Full Duplex intercom, but when it comes to vessel-to-vessel they switch to VHF/UHF Simplex communication with PPT. The new iriConnect makes it possible to connect the 2 vessels in Full Duplex mode and become ONE communication unit. Depending on antenna and perhaps external amplifier, ranges of up to 2 km in Full Duplex can be reached.

– Remote radio PTT
First generation iriConnect was only an Audio Gateway, but the new iriConnect also handles data transfer, which allow wireless headset users to remotely activate a radio PTT or a hailer connected to iriBoost directly from their headset.

– External antenna
The standard iriConnect has a built-in 1,5 dBi antenna, which is sufficient for small and mid-size vessels. If the use case requires longer range, iriConnect can be ordered with a TNC connector for external antenna. With a 9 dBi antenna several hundreds of meters can be achieved, and if that is not enough an in-line amplifier can extend the range and stability tremendously.

– External powered iriConnect – a Stand Alone unit
As iriConnects integrated in an iriSound Intercom Solution, are powered directly from the iriSound, the new iriConnect also comes in a version for external power supply.

When a helicopter rescue swimmer is equipped with a waterproof iriComm 3.0 headset, a wireless connection can be established to the helicopter just by plugging an iriConnect into the existing intercom in the aircraft,

On already existing Dive-Comms, a surface-installed audio mixer connects the diver with a number of wired crew members on the surface. With the new iriConnect the surface team can now be using wireless headsets, enabling them to relocate from the base and still be in connection with the rest of the team.

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