iriComm 3.0 - Wireless

Fit your headset to your favorit helmet

Our well known iriComm 3.0 headset, can be fitted on a large variety of marine safety helmets, construction helmets, military helmets and even inside flight helmets.

Whether you need a wired or a wireless iriComm 3.0 headset, it can be delivered on a headband or for helmet montage.

The market has an unlimited range of construction helmets, Marine Safety Helmets, military helmets, flight helmets etc. and many unique ways to attach the bracket to the helmet..

iriComm 3.0 is designed according to Peltor Standard, which is 88 mm between the attachments, and is delivered with earcup holders with finger screws, ready for any Peltor standard bracket. Both One-Position MARK rail adaptor ( For Ops Core and Team Wendy ) and Peltor style Two-Position brackets. Brackets are ordered/delivered with the helmet, to secure the correct part being used.

Team IWCS Technical Sales can help you select the right helmet, for your purpose.

Gallery below shows different helmets, all fitted with iriComm 3.0

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