iriStation 1.0 – Portable Intercom System

Assessing the work-area geography, iriStation is placed at a central location, and instantly provides wireless intercom coverage up to 400 meters between users. External radio connection is done through matching cables (specifiy at at order)

iriStation 1.0 is the obvious choice for any Ground Crew around airplanes, whether it is a small fighter jet, a big carrier or especially a commercial passenger airplane. In any of these cases the headset interface is connected to the polit interface, and the 2 wireless connections are for flight commander and/or fuel truck, tractor driver or similar. Safe communication between ground personel and flight crew.


Fishing industry will benefit from iriStation 1.0 by placing the suitcase in the crane, and let the crane driver use the wired connection. Loader and pier crew will then be wireless, allowing full duplex between the 3 of them. The external radio makes it possible for the base-control-room to get in contact with many crews at one time.


Construction sites often has workgroups, where a BullDozer work with a Truck and/or ground personel. As the ground personal change position all the time, working in between noise construction machines, and the truck is exhanged by another truck all the time, iriStation 1.0 unites the 3 different workers and optimize their work. On top of that, having full Duplex simply just makes it much more safe for all parts.

Harvest is a 24/7 job for a shorter period of time. The harvester muster run non-stop, and tractors must replace each other again and again. The view from the harvester ain’t always the best, so having Full Duplex intercom will prevent failures, makes communication easy and optimize the work.

With a weight of only 2.45 kg, iriStation 1.0 is a very handy and easy to carry unit. The enclosure is a rugged and waterproof military case. Manufactured in superb patented PP makes these cases Anti High Impact in almost any environments and will protect your Portable Intercom at all times.

iiriStation 1.0 protective case is EMC protected, and can be used in many fields

L: 298 mm W: 142 mm D: 248 mm
Weight: 2,45 kg
Power Supply : 5400 mAh internal battery


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