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Product development is the back bone of our company with our hardware, software and mechanical R & D. All is based south of Copenhagen in Denmark. Most development projects are directly linked to specific requirements from customers.

TP Radio was founded in 1978 by Mr. Toni Petersen. Coming from a family of Wireless communication pioneers, it was not surprising that he became a pioneer himself, while continuing in the same line of business. Today, TP Radio maintains its leading role in the sphere of Land Mobile & Maritime Radio Communication.

Devotion to innovation in Radio Communication has always been the backbone of TP Radio. We were among the first to implement selective calling systems in PMR radios, and we are known for innovative system design. We have a long tradition of working closely together with our clients on customised solutions. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries through-out the world.

TP Radio were producing wide-band, fully frequency synthesised two-way radios for the PMR market long before most other PMR manufactures. TP Radio type BS2000 and TP6000 base stations and mobile radios are capable of transferring data at the speed of 26,400 bps in duplex mode and up to 19,200 bps in simplex and half- duplex mode on 25 KHz channels within the standard PMR frequency bands.

In addition to radio communication equipment TP Radio produces peripheral equipment such as Mobile PCs, Printers, Data terminals, ChipCard Payment Terminal – and High-End HiFi speakers.

We at TP Radio supply the Fire Brigades, Police, Defence/Military, Security Companies, Marine, Taxi- & Bus companies, Building Developers, Shipping Trade, Oil Drilling Companies, Industry and other professionals with a need for wireless communication. We are able to provide you with both simple radios as well as total system solutions for the above applications. Using our products as a part of your own system solution, is also an option.

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