Understand messages in loud surroundings

Being able to understand a message can be more difficult than it sounds…

A lot of things may interrupt a simple message to get through to the right owner.. We all know the old story about “Making a mountain out of a molehill” when just minor changes make a whole other story.. The same thing can and will happend, in real life with real electronics and real humans.

We all know, that when we are sitting around the dinner table, and people are talking across, you need to pay more attention to the person you talk with. Try to ignore the fact that other people around you are talking louder and louder.. But if you know the person you are talking with, it gets much easier to understand and to filter the other voices. Having said that – it is still not the best.

Okay – now we leave the dinner table and we do set course in a Search And Rescue vessel. Starting 2 big engines, the wind is blowing, waves are splashing into the bow, a rescue helicopter is approaching to assist the mission…… 2 crew members that you don’t know that well are on board.. and guess what… you also have to understand incoming messages from both the VHF AND the UHF radio… all at the same time… Did I forget to mention that this is a critical mission in the dark, and everybody – even though there are professionals – are having a +100 puls and they are tense…

How would you react?


In my next Blog I will explain a little more about how the human ear and brain work together

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