Helmet attachments

Helmet attachments

iriComm 3.0 attaches to a wide range of helmets

Helmet attachments
Does your work require safety head gear, iriComm 3.0 fits many different types of helmets. Some are universal, others specific. But never the less – if you are a construction worker, operating SAR operations or even for military use – iriComm 3.0 will fit your needs. Listed below are some configurations where iriComm 3.0 is attached to a wide range of helmets.
iriComm 3.0 - Wireless

Standard brackets ( included )

Chosing the most common standard solution, 3 different helmet adapters are included.

Fits : Howard Leight, JSP, Peltor, KASK,


Tactical Rails ( Option )

Having needs for other equipment than communications earcups, a rail system may be the right solution. An easy Click-On solution which is also sideways adjustable.

Fits Ops-Core / Emmerson rail systems

Helmet attachments

Peltor Exfil Quick Release ( Option )

Team Wendy offers both SAR and TACTICAL helmets. The rail system used is specific for Team Wendy, and the Peltor Exfil Quick Release adapter is ordered along the helmet directly at the local Team Wendy dealer.

Picture : Team Wendy SAR

Alpha goo helmets

Flight helmets ( Option )

If an existing flight helmet needs replacement, iriComm 3.0 fits and can be adapted.

Fits : Alpha Eagle / 800 / 900 / 900 SAR

Picture : Alpha 800

Helmet attachments

Full Face Helmets ( iriInsert )

Having a Full face helmet without any space left for earcups, the solution is iriInsert. iriInsert is adapted inside the helmet and is a passive speaker / micrphone unit, which connects into either an iriBelt for wireless connectivity or wired for fixed connection to a Headset Interface.

Picture : Full Face Racing Helmets connected to iriBelts

Helmet attachments

Gecko Marine Safety Helmets

A Gecko Marine Safety Helmet require either a single or dual sided iriInsert. An iriInsert can have a PTT as well, so your radio can be carried in a pocket.

Picture : Gecko Marine Safety Helmet fitted with a Dual Sided iriInsert

Clear and uninterrupted communication is in many cases a mandatory requirement for getting the job done, and especially in mission critical situations being able to communicate effortlessly and with both hands free is making a world of difference.

At IWCS we are dedicated to develop advanced and user-friendly solutions providing our professional customers trouble-free communication even under the most demanding conditions.

IWCS is a leading supplier of waterproof wired and wireless intercom for marine and mission critical use.

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