Waterproof and crystal clear communication

Since the launch of the iriComm 3.0 headset back in August 2018, it’s been implemented in a wide range of professionel setups around the globe; helicopter rescue, SAR vessels, TAC teams, you name it. This rugged and sea waterproof headset, sets new standards for advanced state-of-the-art communication tools for professionals.

The iriComm 3.0 family covers wired and wireless headsets. Headband or helmet montage, and with optional PLUS Package: 3-mode LED light and adjustable Hear-Through. iriComm 3.0 is a stand alone headset right out of the box, but can also be hooked up to an iriSound Intercom Solution.

The development of iriComm is ongoing – new software has been released and today iriComm 3.0 is even more advanced – still rugged and waterproof, and still crystal clear communication – for any kind of extreme environment.

Helicopter rescue swimmer

The noise-cancelling boom microphones on iriComm 3.0 are capable of handling extreme background noise levels without compromising voice intelligibility. It can handle an impressive soundpressure level ( SPL ) of 142dB.

Waterproof in a rugged TPU housing
The basic design of iriComm 3.0 is complete waterproof. The shell of the earcup is made by industrial FDA approved TPU, and all external components, from speakers to microphone(s) and grommets are sealed to withstand any sea water. The unique soft-shell construction of iriComm 3.0 is protected by design patent.

Wired or Wireless
iriComm 3.0 comes in both wired and a wireless versions.

A wired headset typically connects into either a handheld VHF/UHF radio, a bodyworn speaker microphone, a portable wireless transceiver, or into the headset interface of an IWCS marine intercom system.

Interfacing to an external radio or a speaker microphone, requires the appropriate termination connector, and must be specified when ordering. IWCS maintain a stock of the most commonly used connector types, others may be produced on request. If the radio in question supports power supply to external equipment, the auto-sensing, 3D Hear-Through option becomes available.

The wireless version of iriComm 3.0 provides an additional list of features, and a level of freedom only possible without cables.

Mobile Phone Connectivity
The iriComm 3.0 headset operates in the 2.4GHz band, and supports multiple, simultaneous connections. This means that the user can be in full-duplex intercom – as part of an iriSound marine intercom system – while monitoring incoming calls on a connected mobile phone. When an incoming call is announced the call can be answered on the headset and after finishing the call the headset automatically reverts back to intercom mode.

Peer-to-peer functionality
iriComm 3.0 supports wireless P2P functionality, which means that two iriComm 3.0 headsets, without the need for additional equipment, can establish a wireless connection facilitating full-duplex intercom.

Waterproof and crystal clear communication - helmets

Voice Prompts
iriComm 3.0 provides audible, human voice responses to commands, and also alerts the user in case of incoming call, low battery condition, loss of wireless connectivity etc.

Wireless PTT
iriComm 3.0 supports wireless PTT according to IWCS and Peltor standards.

Speed Charge
The built-in LiIon battery typically provides continuous operation for 15 hours or more, and due to the Speed Charge function, the battery will regain 80% capacity after less than 2 hours charging.


Hear Through Mode
Hear-Through mode (Situational Awareness) is always an available option in the wireless version of iriComm 3.0. In the wired versions it depends on the radio it connects to. While in Hear-Through mode the audio from incoming radio traffic is attenuated by 24dB. This allows you to have a normal conversation, without removing your helmet/headset while monitoring radio traffic at the same time. (Contact us with your requirements).

3-Mode LED
Most of the iriComm 3.0 versions support the addition of a 3-Mode LED option. Dimmed mode provides sufficient light to read a map held in your hands without causing too much interference with the other crew members night vision. High Bright mode will light up in front of you, so it is possible to move and orientate in total darkness. In Strobe mode the LED flashes with a constant and repeated sequence helping others locate you in the dark. Even a mile or two away a helicopter without FLIR equipment will easily locate your position.

3D GEL-EarPads
To improve the passive noise damping and the physical fit, IWCS has developed a 3D GEL EarPad. As the cranium is not a flat section around the ear, the IWCS 3D-EarPad “closes” the recess at the bottom rear of the ear. This option provides up to an extra 12dB noise reduction.

Contact us for further information: info@iwcs.eu

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