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Sustainable Development Goals

IWCS launches their Sustainable Development aspirations

We are living in precarious times. The planet is groaning under the pressure of our production and technological aspirations. New diseases threaten our living standards. Populations are booming, and through globalization the world gets ever smaller. No matter how exciting our advances are, it is important to acknowledge the consequences. We at IWCS are eager to help lift our share of the burden. We are proud to launch a detailed analysis of what we are already doing, as well as what we can and will do to meet the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the future.

Where we are

We have at IWCS discovered that SDG’s are not always found on the road ahead. Several areas of the UN’s ambitious plan are already practiced here at IWCS and have been since the beginning. Things like recycling, equal pay, and job opportunities for young people have always been standard practice with us. You can see more about these measures we are taking along with many more at our new SDG page.

Where we are going

Two target areas stood out for us at IWCS. Areas where we both had the will and the means to move forward.

With the shock of Covid-19, it’s consequences for the safety of our team, as well as the instability that it causes for our production, we felt it our responsibility to take descent hygienic measures and make them excellent. Target 3.3 Fight Communicable Diseases is therefore a goal we want to and will strive to improve upon. See more about our work with target 3.3.

We enjoy at IWCS a cordial and open relationship with our partners and suppliers. Target 12.1 discusses implementing a 10-year sustainable consumption and production framework. We see this goal as a way for us to enhance the cooperation we already enjoy from our network. With an extensive requirement specification document, we have challenged our suppliers to share with us and document what they are doing to meet the UN goals. To see more on how we have done this, visit our SDG page.

The future is ours

It is not only the responsibility of our governments to watch out for our planet. We as companies and communities are the vanguard of change and progress. We are the tip of the spear, and we need to acknowledge the importance of our position in society. We at IWCS look forward to locking shields with our business partners and advancing forward together to a new more hopeful future.

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