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How IWCS is handling Corona

Taking it seriously

We are have been watching the situation of the spread of Corona virus around the globe closely from day one. Being in the business that we are in, working closely with rescue and emergency teams around the globe, we take situations like this seriously, and would like to share with you what you can do to stay safe, as an end user. We would also like to share some assurances in respect to our continued production capacity.  

What you can do as an end-user

We have some precautions that we would like our end-users to take into consideration when using our equipment. Many of our end users are within the rescue and emergency field, and their safety is therefore of the utmost importance. Her are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Share only your headset when necessary. If shared, then wipe ear-cups and headband with a mild disinfectant before use. A hand disinfectant gel will work perfectly.
  2. Change microphone wind guards after each use, as they come into contact with saliva. If not possible to change wind guards between each use, then at least change when users are changed. Wipe down the microphone boon gently with disinfectant. Do not use any chemicals on or near the microphone head. Clean the boon mike in a well ventilated area. 

We have a store of wind guards at head office in Denmark. If your local dealer is out of stock please contact us and we will send you fresh wind guards.

Production assurances

We are, largely due to a substantial stockpile of parts in-house, able to continue to supply all pre-existing orders. Depending on the progression and duration of Corona, we should be able to also meet any new orders within the foreseeable future. So far, our European part suppliers are also handling the outbreak well and can meet our demands.
Our overseas suppliers are also so far able to meet our demands, though we are following the development of the virus in their countries very closely.

In-house precautions

Our employees well-being is important to us. So, we have taken some precautions to insure both their safety and that the in-house production can continue unhindered:

  1. All non-essential staff, or staff that have the capability to work online will be sent home. With full pay of course. (At the time of the release of this article, our non-essential staff have already been home a week.)
  2. All physical contact within the office will be avoided. Disinfectant dispensers have been placed around the office and used already from day one. Hand washing before meals, and after restroom visits is mandatory.
  3. Care is to be taken with all staff that travel by public transport, and if possible solo commuting by car or car-pool is preferable.
  4. Any sign of symptoms is to be taken seriously. Better to stay home a day too much, than a day too little.
  5. All business meetings with existing or new customers, as well as distributors and manufacturers will be either postponed or held via Skype.

Stay safe

We wish all our users and partners abroad the best in these uncertain times. If you have any queries for us at IWCS please dont hesitate to contact us. Our motto is Communication can save lives, but so can taking your precautions and watching your friends back. Be safe out there. 

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