Arial view of the beautiful island of Frøya

IWCS meeting with Aquaculturists

The best of the best

Norwegian aquaculturists are among the best in the world. So you can imagine our joy, to be invited to share information on IWCS’ products and technology in a symposium held in Norway. IWCS distributors Jatronic will represent IWCS, and share info on IWCS intercom systems to up to 25 invited representatives from Norway’s Aquaculture and fish-farming industries.

The workers and staff that man these fisheries, work in harsh conditions and at impressive levels og efficiency. So we understand why they would be interested in what IWCS has to share on the subject of wireless hands-free intercom equipment. Equipment which is rugged and waterproof and can keep up with workers when they have their mind set on getting the job done. 

The invite

Boat-builders Skarsvaag were so kind to invite our distributors Jatronic to speak on IWCS behalf at this exciting symposium.

Skarsvaag is a Norwegian boat building company which call the beautiful island of Frøya, off the coast of Trondheim in Norway, home. The company is experiencing strong growth and supplies equipment and boats to the military, ocean and farm fisheries amongst others.

Jatronic is a Norwegian based company that specializes in sales and development of radio communication equipment for land and offshore use. They are IWCS’ Norwegian distributor and have their hand on the pulse of what’s developing within the cutting-edge evolution of wireless communication equipment.

Best wishes

We wish the best meeting possible for our friends in the North. Norway is a beautiful land, as well as being rugged and unforgiving at times. We cannot imagine a better match for the rugged and aesthetic design that IWCS products have achieved. 

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