IWCS interns in the water off Kronborg castle in Helsingoer.

IWCS and their interns

Taking responsibility for our future

IWCS has since upstart, taken its share of the responsibility of helping to educate the young professionals of tomorrow. Keeping with this spirit IWCS has accepted two interns from CPH-business school in Lyngby. They are going to be working with us for the next 3 months. We will help hone their skills, by accepting them into the IWCS family and showing them the ropes. Today’s job was taking photos for an impending product release, and being IWCS, of course it had to be in icy water with IWCS equipment and drysuits.

IWCS is a busy company and sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. So, we are of course delighted to rest some of the responsibility of next week’s product release on the shoulders of our two interns. Let them tell you a little about their experience.

From the eyes of an intern

We had the sun and the light needed to get the job done today, and the location had been pre decided to Helsingør harbor south side. The temperature was just a smidgen over freezing, but looking out the window of the cozy office, one could be deceived. The skies were blue and the wind still. Our job for the day was to take a couple of drysuits and the all our IWCS gear, plus a camera and head down to the harbor to get some good photos. It was a great feeling to have the responsibility of such an important task passed on to us, and we took it with open arms.

Center of attention

Denmark can be harsh in the winter, and blue skies or not, once standing on the harbor in our undies, nobody really wanted to go in the water. Nevertheless, we were set on our task, and donned our drysuits,  kitting up for the task ahead. People on the harbor were curious, as we looked like we were about to embark on a rescue mission or something. Another photographer, originally there to take photos of some ducks, turned his tele lens towards us instead and snapped some shots. Shots that we received from him later. Lucky for that, because they were perfect documentation for our future report on our internship. Even though we looked like pros, if anybody was going to be saving people that day, it would probably be somebody else saving us, noobs as we were.

Running out of light

Lucky for us, IWCS had done their research and the tide was low. The bottom was sandy and the conditions perfect for a day at the beach, taking product shots. We spent about an hour in the water, and very quickly realized that we should have started earlier. We were losing light quick and we were still having so much fun.  Even so, we had hundreds of photos, each one giving us the opportunity to get to know our camera and the equipment better. As the light waned, we decided to call it a day. Our hands and feet were frozen solid, but we were in good spirits. Eager to get back to base, and share the fruits of our labor with the bosses.

We don't get coffee

We feel lucky to be in an internship, that doesn’t have us getting coffee. That trusts our judgement to make calls on the fly. In the end, that without a doubt, is the only way to learn in depth. We are impressed with the efficiency, and quality in which IWCS produces their designs and products. As well as  the high level of cordial and open communication we have at the home base office. We look forward to continuing as IWCS interns and contributing as much as we can to the quality IWCS has become known for.

Product release

Our two interns are working on the impending product release of a new  IWCS product. We have made several very exciting developments and improvements to this product, and we look forward to sharing it with you very soon. So keep an eye out, to be the first to discover the technical innovations and capabilities that we at IWCS have achieved.

Thank you for reading our blog post, and if you have any questions, or you would like to know more about our interns, or the company itself, then please leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.

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