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IWCS tutorial videos

A video says a thousand words

We have reached a new milestone at IWCS when it comes to giving our costumers the best service possible. We are very proud to present a new line of tutorial videos, that will facilitate learning and use of our products. The videos are meant as a supplement to our manuals, or even as a teaching tool for groups. It is important for us that our customers have the best experience possible from purchase to use in the field. 

Organized for easy access

The videos are divided into logical chapters. Each one covering one important or interesting feature of an IWCS product. The chapters are then grouped into playlists, to ease location of the desired information. We have covered Information which is both in our opinion important for proper use of our products, as well as used customer feedback to include points of interest from our users perspective. 

Links to our iriComm 3.0 videos playlist

Valued feedback

We have made videos for most of our products and their features, but we would really appreciate any feedback our users can muster. This feedback will allow us to tweak videos and subject matter. Permitting us to further improve our tutorials. We don’t like to do things by halves at IWCS and we hope to continue to improve and better ourselves as we strive towards excellence. Remember Communication can save lives.

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