Stay tuned in rough, icy conditions

Stay tuned in rough, icy conditions

​​​​​​​iriComm waterproof headset adapted to Ops-Core SAR helmet providing loud and clear communication under the most demanding conditions

Stay tuned in rough, icy conditions
Sar Helmets

iriComm 3.0 mounted on an Ops-Core SAR helmet.

Maintaining loud and clear reception while hanging in a hoist wire below a helicopter, your earcup must fit perfectly around your ear. For Rescue Swimmers operating in Tempered and Arctic areas, that isn't possible, as wearing a neoprene hood is nessesary. The neoprene hood will prevent the earpad from closing the gap around the ear resulting in noise passing through to the ear.

IWCS offer a solution to overcome this issue:
A Fixed Position bracket providing a pressure, which is more than twice that of a standard click bracket.

The fixed bracket can esily be fitted on the rails.

Ops-Core SAR Helmet Bracket : Fixed Position - 950 g pressure

Sar Helmets

iriComm 3.0 on Ops-Core Balistic helmet.

With Peltor standard Quick Release iriComm 3.0 is adapted to an Ops-Core Balistic helmet.

The over-ear 3D GEL earpad secures a closed fit to the scalp, and provides a significantly better damping than a regular earpad.

In a wired solution, the headset can be connected to most communication radios offering an external headset connector. If power is supplied by the radio, our PLUS package is an option. The PLUS package includes Remote PTT on the earcup, Hear Through Mode with reduced radio RX and triple-mode LED light.

Download our brochure for more details.

Ops-Core Balistic Helmet Brackets : Standard Click-Out 620 g pressure

Clear and uninterrupted communication is in many cases a mandatory requirement for getting the job done, and especially in mission critical situations being able to communicate effortlessly and with both hands free is making a world of difference.

At IWCS we are dedicated to develop advanced and user-friendly solutions providing our professional customers trouble-free communication even under the most demanding conditions.

IWCS is a leading supplier of waterproof wired and wireless intercom for marine and mission critical use.

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